Maison Tiskiwin: Exploring Moroccan Crafts and Culture

Are you a traveler fascinated by Moroccan crafts and culture? Dive into the heart of Marrakech and explore the rich heritage at Maison Tiskiwin, also known as the Bert Flint Museum.

Bert Flint: A Lifelong Passion for Moroccan Culture

Born in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1931, Bert Flint’s interest in Moroccan culture sparked during a visit to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. This initial encounter with Al Andalusian civilization ignited a lifelong exploration of Moroccan arts and traditions. Consequently, Flint’s numerous travels throughout Morocco, including the Atlas Mountains, allowed him to immerse himself in the rural culture and traditions of the country. His dedication led to the creation of the Maison Tiskiwin in 1996.

The Tiskiwin Museum: A Glimpse into Moroccan Crafts

Spanning over 2,000 square meters, the Tiskiwin Museum presents a rich assortment of traditional and rural arts. Housed in a beautifully decorated riad, the museum reflects the purest Moroccan architectural traditions. From intricately carved woodwork to vibrant ceramics and stunning zellige tiles, every corner showcases the exceptional talent and diverse artistic traditions of Morocco.

A Journey Along the Caravan Trails

Embark on a geographical and cultural journey along the ancient caravan trails that once connected Morocco to Timbuktu. Divided into ten stages, the exhibition guides visitors through different regions, highlighting the art, culture, and crafts of North Africa. Along the way, admire a wide range of artifacts, including musical instruments, costumes, jewelry, and furniture. Noteworthy are the collections of Berber carpets and ancient utensils, representing the unique heritage of the Souss Valley and the Saharan region.

Celebrating African and Sub-Saharan Contributions

Bert Flint’s collections at Maison Tiskiwin pay tribute to the African and sub-Saharan influences on Moroccan culture. Through his acquisitions, Flint aimed to highlight the historical interactions and exchange of techniques, beliefs, and traditions along the trans-Saharan trade routes. By exploring the art of adornment within different ethnic groups, the museum presents a comprehensive narrative of the diverse and interconnected cultures that shaped Morocco’s rich heritage.

Unveiling Moroccan Berber Culture

While several folklore museums exist in Marrakech, Maison Tiskiwin stands out for its focus on Berber culture and its wider regional perspective. Diving into the history and artistic traditions of the Amazigh Berbers, as well as the Tuareg people, the museum offers a deeper understanding of the cultural tapestry that defines Morocco.

An Unforgettable Experience at Maison Tiskiwin

Visiting Maison Tiskiwin is an immersive and enriching experience for anyone interested in Moroccan crafts, history, and culture. Wander through meticulously curated exhibits, gaining a profound appreciation for the artistic legacy and rural traditions shaping Morocco over the centuries. With Bert Flint’s passion and expertise as your guide, Maison Tiskiwin provides a captivating journey into the heart and soul of Morocco.


Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Maison Tiskiwin on your next visit to Marrakech. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Moroccan crafts and culture, and let the past come alive as you discover the rich heritage of this enchanting country.

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