House of Photography of Marrakech: Exploring Morocco’s Rich Photographic History

Are you a photography enthusiast with a keen interest in exploring Morocco’s rich cultural heritage? Look no further than the House of Photography of Marrakech. Established in 2009, this private institution takes you on a captivating journey through Morocco’s history, all through the lens of photography. Now, let’s delve into the extraordinary world of the House of Photography and discover its treasures.

Unveiling Morocco’s Extraordinary Diversity: An Archive of Ideas

The House of Photography of Marrakech, founded by Hamid Mergani and Patrick Manac’h, serves as a gateway to showcasing the extraordinary diversity of Morocco. From the early years of photography (1879-1960), this archive preserves Morocco’s visual history as experienced by well-known figures and anonymous individuals who have visited this enchanting country. Explore the House of Photography’s collection, which includes photographs, glass plates, postcards, newspapers, and documentaries, meticulously capturing the essence of Moroccan culture.

A Stroll Through History: The Museum Experience

Situated just a few steps away from the bustling Medina and the Medersa Ben Youssef, the House of Photography of Marrakech welcomes visitors to an immersive museum experience. Housed within a beautifully restored riad, this museum has quickly become a must-visit destination for photography enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Moreover, as you wander through the riad, the architectural splendor of the House of Photography enhances the artistry of the photographic collection. The carefully curated exhibits invite you to take a step back in time and explore Morocco’s fascinating history through the lens of talented photographers.

A Journey Through Time: The Rich Collection

The House of Photography boasts an impressive private collection, comprising nearly 10,000 photographs spanning the years between 1870 and 1960. On display in the riad, visitors can marvel at documentary photos, art photos, moving portraits, and captivating street scenes. Additionally, the collection showcases unpublished views of Morocco’s breathtaking landscapes, allowing you to witness the country’s evolution through the lens of talented photographers.

Notably, the House of Photography is not only dedicated to preserving historical photographs but also to educating and inspiring future generations. Teachers and students are welcome to explore the museum’s research center, enabling them to delve deeper into Morocco’s rich cultural heritage.

Exhibitions and Donations: Embracing Cultural Exchange

Every six months, the House of Photography presents thought-provoking exhibitions on different themes, providing visitors with fresh perspectives on Morocco’s past. These traveling exhibitions not only engage the local community but also foster cultural exchange. As a result, the House of Photography collaborates with schools and various cultural institutions to share their collection with a wider audience.

Furthermore, the growth and enrichment of the House of Photography’s collection are fueled by generous donations. From Daniel Chicault and Ana Muller to Jean Pierre Evrad, these individuals have played a vital role in preserving and expanding the archive. Importantly, their contributions ensure that the House of Photography continues to be a beacon of Moroccan cultural heritage.

Unforgettable Souvenirs: The Museum Shop

No visit to the House of Photography of Marrakech is complete without a stop at their enticing museum shop. Here, you can indulge your love for photography by purchasing exquisite paper prints and unique postcards. These treasures make perfect souvenirs, capturing the essence of Morocco and the House of Photography’s rich collection.


In conclusion, the House of Photography of Marrakech serves as a gateway to Morocco’s past, inviting visitors to embark on a journey of discovery through the lens of talented photographers. With its remarkable collection, engaging exhibitions, and commitment to preserving cultural heritage, this institution continues to ignite curiosity and appreciation for the diverse beauty of Morocco. Plan your visit to the House of Photography of Marrakech and unlock the secrets of this mesmerizing country, one photograph at a time.

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