Man who won’t let girlfriend be seen on Instagram to protect his career

Dude Perfect tour was one of the first big-name tours to be shut down by a female fan.

The singer and songwriter was booked to play at Coachella in January, but she was so offended by his behaviour she decided to tweet him.

I want to speak with you about the tour you cancelled for me this week, but I cant because you dont want me to tweet about it, Dude Perfect.

In a tweet to her, she said: I dont want you to see me, I dont care.

The tour was cancelled after the 27-year-old man refused to sign a contract agreeing to not attend concerts with the band.

A spokeswoman for Dude Perfect said: ‘He never did sign a signed contract with us, which was a breach of contract.’

She said the band had to find another venue to perform at because the man was banned from using social media.

They were also unable to book a room in his hotel for the show because he did not pay the bill.

She said: We are not sure what happened.

It was a total surprise to the public, and they did not know why he was not booking the tour and booked the hotel for him.

He never paid.

This is a major issue for me because I live in a state where there are no women musicians and Ive always had a strong connection with my fans.

I was told he doesnt even have a girlfriend and wasnt going to see anyone.