A pga golf tour bus is back in the UK after it crashed on the Scottish Highlands tour

A pGA tour bus has crashed on a Scottish Highlands golf course, with the driver reportedly dead.

The driver was driving the tour bus on the Aberdeenshire course when it hit a tree at a turn.

A number of spectators were on the course at the time.

Police say the driver of the bus, a 38-year-old man from Cardiff, Wales, was taken to hospital and is in a serious condition.

It is understood the bus was on its way to Scotland for the Scottish Golf Championships.

Police Scotland said the bus collided with a tree near Turnpike Turnpitch in the Aber deenshire area on Saturday.

The bus was travelling in the westbound direction at the junction with the M1 at Turnpikes Turnpitches Road.

It was reported that the driver was not wearing a seat belt.

The bus was heading westbound on Turnpice Turnpika Road when the driver lost control and hit a fence.

A passenger on board the bus managed to escape unharmed.

Inspector Richard Farrow said the driver suffered minor injuries and was taken by ambulance to hospital in Aberdeen.

“The bus has now been removed from the course.

It has been assessed and we will be investigating the circumstances that led up to the incident and the circumstances leading up to this tragic accident,” he said.

A Scottish Golf Association spokesperson said: “We are deeply saddened by this tragic incident and are cooperating with police to establish the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.”

The Scottish Golf Championship said it had received an email from a person who said they had been on the bus at the same time and had seen the bus crash.

An Aberdeen County Council spokeswoman said: “”The bus did not have seat belts on and the driver’s death is still under investigation.

We are cooperating fully with the police in the investigation.

More:The tour bus was involved in a crash with a fence at Turn Pikes Turn Pitches Road in Aberdereshire on Saturday morning.

One witness told the BBC that he had been watching the bus coming to the turnpike turnpitch from his house in the town of Aberdeer on the M25.

He said he was at the turn pike turn pitch to take photos when he saw a grey car speeding towards the turn.

He said:”I could see it turning left onto the turn but it didn’t turn very quickly.

I saw a car coming towards me and I got out of my car and tried to get out of the way.”

He said the car had to turn away and a woman behind him could not see it, so he pulled out his phone to call for help.

He added: “It was pretty terrifying because there was no way to get over the fence.

My car was right there in front of the driver.”

A statement from the Aberdenees Scottish Golf Club said: The club is deeply saddened to hear of the death of the man who was travelling with us on the PGA tour on Saturday, October 19.

We are working closely with the local police and the Department of Transport, along with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, to assist with their enquiries.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.