Makers mark tours in Madagascar as they tour the country

The makers of the Lego Movie have joined forces with the Royal Malagasy government to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of a peace treaty that led to the end of the war that ended the long civil war.

The tour, which takes place this weekend, includes visits to the royal palace and royal gardens in the capital, Malagos, as well as royal residences in Malagas and Maseru, a coastal city just north of the capital.

The royal palace has hosted the Lego tour in the past.

The event will also feature an exhibition of new Lego products made by Malagás-based Makers Mark, including the Millennium Falcon and Princess Leia from the Star Wars movie series.

It’s the latest effort to celebrate the Malagascan people, who have endured many hardships during their civil war, as the country has enjoyed economic growth and political stability since independence from France in 1960.

But the war has been the source of deep division and mistrust.

The Malagassians have been living in fear and frustration, as violence and insecurity have increased since the peace treaty was signed in 1998.

The treaty set a number of goals for Malagasedan development, including an end to discrimination against Malagaskans and a decrease in unemployment.

However, the Malaguas have also been forced to confront a new strain of violence from the rebels who are fighting against Malaguasy military government.More: