What a Weekend at the Movies: ‘The Birth of a Nation’ (2016)

What a weekend at the movies.

That was a tough one for many moviegoers this weekend.

Some have been left scratching their heads over the casting of Clint Eastwood’s “The Birth Of A Nation” at the Oscars.

And that’s not even counting the movie’s controversial trailer that, in some quarters, sparked a riot.

But that’s the movie that has really stuck with me.

A movie about the birth of a nation, and it’s really a story of race.

The film stars Sam Rockwell as the son of a slave who, after his parents’ death, inherits a slave estate in New York.

He sets out to free his people from the shackles of the slave system and become a free man.

I love “The Black Messiah,” a story about a man who has a vision of the end of slavery, and what he can do to get there.

And so, this is a story that’s very American.

I mean, people like to talk about the civil rights movement and all that, but it’s a story from the African American experience, and I really loved that, and so did a lot of people who saw it.

I actually went to a screening of it last weekend at a theater in New Orleans, and my wife and I were sitting in the theater watching it, and then we came back and we just started crying.

It’s a great film.

The other thing about the movie is the way that it deals with slavery.

I remember reading in an article that Clint Eastburn was the first black director to ever win the Academy Award for Best Picture, and that was a long time ago.

And he did it in his own hands.

I think he was actually in the room when the Oscars were announced and I remember saying, “Well, what are they doing?”

And he just said, “I’m here.”

And he walked over to me and he grabbed my hand and he said, and we were sitting on the couch watching the Oscars, and he looked at me and said, what’s this?

And he said to me, “You know what, I know a lot about this story.”

And I just went, “What?”

And then he said the best thing I’ve ever heard.

This was one of the first films that I’ve seen, I think, that’s been given an Academy Award, and people were just just like, “Oh, that must be the first.”

And then they go, “Wait, that was really Clint Eastwell.

He directed it!”

So it was kind of a different story than what you’re probably familiar with.

And then there were a couple of other movies that were nominated for Best Director, and they just weren’t nominated for anything, because they weren’t a remake of a film, and this was the one that was nominated for an Oscar.

I guess it was nominated as a movie about a slave plantation, and there’s a scene in the film where you have to fight the overseer for freedom.

So it’s an interesting movie to talk to a lot more people about, but then they are also a movie that I really love.

What about the trailers?

Is it hard to watch them and figure out which ones are actually good? 

The trailers are great, but I know there are some that people are going to disagree with, and you’re not going to be able to figure out the truth.

There’s always been this debate about the Oscars and whether or not there should be a “Best Trailer” category, and in a lot, a lot movies that have gone out, people have said that that’s really not the way to go.

It just seems like a waste of time to spend that time trying to figure it out.

It seems to me like they should just say that, “This is the best movie, and the best trailer.”

And it’s like, I guess, “We can do that.

We’re all for it.”

I love that.

I love the trailers.

It means a lot to people.

We had a really interesting time last year with “The Martian.”

It was a film that, at the time, was really kind of the beginning of what would be a really big, big trend for me.

And it was this film that was so well-received, people were really excited about it, so I think it kind of went into this category.

And I think that was just the first one, but now that it’s in the Oscar conversation, I’m going to say, yeah, that one is a great one.

There was a trailer for “The Death of Stalin,” which was actually a really well-reviewed movie, that made a lot that was actually true about the history of communism in Russia.

It also said that you had to be really stupid to be part of that, that