A look at the new wave of music that’s been coming out of the UK and the US, in pictures

It’s a bit like watching an alien movie with your family.

It’s just a little too weird to be real.

So we were in India a few months ago and I had a chat with the band Shinedown who have just released their first album in five years.

The band had already made a splash in the music world with their critically acclaimed 2014 album ‘I Know You’, but they’ve been steadily building momentum ever since with their debut EP ‘The Shoreditch Story’.

The band have now gone on to record a number of new songs and released two new singles – ‘My Dream Is A Little Less Lonely’ and ‘The Big Picture’.

It’s one of the best albums of the year so far.

Here’s what you need to know about Shinedoo:Shinedown is an underground band with a distinctly punk rock sound.

The band was formed in New York in 2003 and have since released three albums.

They’ve released singles for their band and for their record label, and have toured with the likes of the Strokes, The Offspring and The War on Drugs.

Shinedoo were originally formed in Brooklyn but relocated to London in 2015.

They recently signed to Universal Music.

Shinedout have a large fan base in India.

The Shinedones are the first band to have toured in India since the release of ‘I Love You’.

They’ve also released three new songs for their album ‘The Great Divide’.

The album was released in the UK in 2017, with a US release in 2018.

They’re the first group to tour India in five year.