How to watch the first four PGA Tour Tour tournaments this weekend: the latest on the Tour de France, PGA Championship, Tour Championship, and the Tour of California

Lauren Daigle (@lauren_daigle) March 24, 2019 Tour de Flanders, the first of three events on the PGA TOUR, starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday.

The final two events of the year are the PGC Championship on Monday and the TPC Sawgrass on Tuesday.

The Tour of South Africa starts on Sunday and finishes on Monday, so all three events will have a significant impact on the course, and that could have an impact on who ends up winning the PTA’s award.

The top five in each of the three events are split into two groups, with the top three finishing with $500,000 apiece.

In the first two weeks of the tour, the winner of each of those events will receive $100,000.

The winner of the PCA Tour Championship will receive the remainder of their prize pool.

The PGA is the only major tour that has no major championships in the event, but in recent years, there have been some notable victories.

This year’s PGA World Championship, the PPC, featured four winners of the tournament who also won the PTO’s Tour Championship.

The PGA has won a total of six major titles during the PDAF era.

For the PTC, the tournament has seen a slight decrease in the number of majors it hosts, but the average amount of prize money received per event is still quite high.

For the PCT, the average prize is $50,000, and in the Tour Championship event, the money is split among the top eight finishers.

In addition, there is an overall record for most PGA tours.

There have been five different majors, all with multiple winners.

The total prize money paid by PGA tournaments this season is $2.9 billion, according to PGA spokesman Tom Schofield.