Which is the fastest, farthest, or best-looking man in the world?

On Thursday, a man named Sam, the most famous male in the World Tour, became the first man in history to complete a marathon in under two hours, a feat that has not been done before.

Sam’s record came during the men’s world tour, which is the longest-running sporting event in the country.

The marathon is not the fastest marathon in the United States, but it is among the fastest and farthest in the entire world.

Sam completed the event in under 2 hours, and his record was the fastest for a man in his age group.

He has also been the fastest in the history of the men-only tour, and the farthest from any man.

Sam finished in the top-five for the last two years in the race, which began in 2006.

The men’s tour has been a bit of a mystery since the Tour de France was restructured in 2009 to better cater to men, and some have wondered why the men were allowed to compete without women, a move that caused some to question the legitimacy of the tour.

In an interview with Time, the Tour’s chairman and CEO, Jean-Pierre Chantal, said that the Tour had never been the focus of a “political agenda.”

In a statement to TIME, Chantel said that, during the last five years, the tour has never been about the men, but rather the women.

“I have been surprised by the negative reaction from many members of the media to the fact that there has never really been a political agenda behind the Tour,” he said.

Chantl said that he had no interest in having a political discussion, and that his focus had been on the Tour.

The Tour’s men’s team was not surprised by Sam’s performance.

In fact, it had already planned for it, saying that it was looking forward to Sam’s participation.

“We have seen Sam perform at the highest levels of the sport in his own country,” said the statement.

“His success in the Tour is a testament to his natural abilities and his commitment to his sport.”

For the men of the United Kingdom, Sam’s race has been celebrated as one of the best in the UK.

On Thursday night, the British men’s national team had the most to celebrate as they faced off against the Netherlands at the Giro d’Italia.

The British women’s team, led by British rider Lucy Garner, beat Canada in the opening day of the race.

It was the first time since the 2009 Tour de Suisse that the women’s race was held on a road.

In 2012, Garner won the women, women, and men’s race in the same year, with Garner finishing in the podium and Garner winning the overall.

The women’s event was one of a handful of road races held on the Graphene Course in the Czech Republic, and in 2017, Garner, Garner and the rest of the team won the event.

After the race in Britain, Garner tweeted that she was “delighted to finish the race.”

Garner said that her team was “extremely proud of Sam,” and that the race was a “huge honour for our sport.”

Garner added that the goal of the women had always been to win races, and she would continue to “fight to improve the sport.”

In an email to TIME after the race on Thursday night in Britain on Thursday, Garner wrote that the British team was proud of the record that Sam had set and was “proud to be a part of the UK team.”

“I am very grateful to all of my team mates who worked hard to beat the Netherlands in the sprints and we are so proud of our achievements,” she said.

Garner has been riding for British Cycling since 2015, and said she had a lot of experience in the sport. “

As a team, we are looking forward as we look forward to racing against the world’s best.”

Garner has been riding for British Cycling since 2015, and said she had a lot of experience in the sport.

“The British team has had a huge amount of support from the UK and I am very excited to have Sam as a member of our British team,” she wrote.

Garner and her team won gold medals at the 2016 World Championships in London and at the 2020 World Championships.

The win was a career highlight for Garner, who has won a total of six Grand Tours.

“It was a great day for British cycling,” Garner wrote.

“To be part of a world-class team is very special and I’m looking forward for more of the hard work ahead.”