How to talk about the alt-right with someone who’s not a white supremacist

A woman who says she was kicked out of a restaurant by her husband for “disrespectful behavior” at his wedding has come forward to defend the white supremacist movement.

“I know how to talk to anyone about it, whether they’re white or not,” Melissa C. Thomas told The Washington Post.

“They’re just trying to destroy me.”

In February, Thomas was the target of a vicious racist tirade from her husband, Andrew Bieber, as he walked to the back of the restaurant.

“You’re a piece of s**t.

I don’t like you,” Biebers wife, Stephanie, shouted in the video.

“Stop talking to me like that,” Bierber responded.

“It’s not that I don.t like you, it’s just you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Thomas says she told her husband she didn’t want to talk, but he responded: “You should be more respectful than that, I’m not going to let you down, I know you’re a nice guy, you know that.

But I don?t like what you do.

You’re not supposed to be on this country.

You can be anywhere else.

You?re not supposed in my country.”

The altercation escalated into a full-blown domestic violence fight, and Bierbers wife charged the woman with battery and battery.

Bierbs wife claimed Thomas grabbed his throat with her hand and pushed her away, which she claims she didn?t do.

She claims Thomas kicked her and slammed her face into the counter, where she said Bierbbers wife pulled her head away and punched her.

The altercation ended when Bierbler’s wife got the door slammed shut, and Thomas says Bierblings wife hit her in the head with a chair.

Thomas says that when Biebs wife walked back to the restaurant, she had a white nationalist tattoo on her arm.

“The whole time I was fighting with her, she was telling me to get out of the way, ‘I don’t want you in my business,'” she told The Post.

She said she was trying to calm her down, but Biebbers son-in-law pushed her to the ground.

“This is not a domestic dispute,” Thomas told the Post.

“[Bieber] was not doing anything violent.

He was just trying his best to calm me down.”

The incident left Thomas with permanent facial scars.

She says she’s done her best to ignore Biebings racist rhetoric, but that he doesn?t take it well.

“He doesn?ve a right to his opinion, but to think he?s entitled to tell you that?s wrong,” Thomas said.

“If I were in his position, I wouldn?t have gone on the tirade.”

Thomas believes Biebeber was right.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is not me,” she told the Washington Post in an interview.

“In my opinion, this person was right, but this was not my opinion.

I was not trying to make a point.

I didn?ve done the best I could do to not get into this fight with him.”

Thomas told CNN that she has been in therapy since the incident, and that she is trying to find a better way to communicate with her husband.

“Sometimes I need to talk.

Sometimes I need it to be a calm and civil conversation, but I don?”t want to put him in a situation where he feels like he?ll get angry at me and think, ‘Oh, my gosh, I got hit by her, I hit her because she’s a n*****,’ she said.