How to tour the world’s most expensive hotel – in under two hours, according to TripAdvisor guide

We’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in hotels around the world.

But what if we didn’t have to go out to eat?

And what if the only food we were served was the very cheapest one?

Then what would we be eating? 

We decided to take a look at the world of travel and find out what it was like to tour Europe’s most famous hotel, Edge Hotel.

Read moreTravel tips from our Travel Editor, Andrew BrownRead moreFrom the moment we booked the tour in June 2018, we knew we had something special. 

It was a chance to tour a luxurious hotel in one of Europe’s wealthiest regions, which is also the birthplace of its famous opera house.

We had to take the train from Lisbon to Edge to meet the tour guide, who was accompanied by a chauffeur and was accompanied on the drive by his family.

We arrived in the heart of Lisbon and met the tour guides father and mother, who were very welcoming.

They had come to Portugal with their family a few years ago to be able to visit the Edge, and were very happy to have the opportunity to experience what this prestigious and famous hotel could offer them.

The hotel is located in a picturesque neighbourhood, close to a seaside resort.

It is in a quiet part of the city that can be seen from a distance.

The hotel is also a very well-kept property, with all the usual security and maintenance features.

It’s easy to see why this hotel was chosen as the perfect location for the tour.

The Edge Hotel is an exclusive hotel, and is the only one in the world with a full-service restaurant.

There is a menu at the front of the hotel which you can see on the front door.

The restaurant is run by the company known as the ‘Hotel de la Traviata’ (Hotel of the Tricolores), which is run in partnership with the famous hotel.

It also owns and operates the famous La Trava restaurant, which opened its doors in the summer of 2018. 

The tour guides family also brought us their dogs, who they were very proud of, as well as their own personal  travel gear. 

We enjoyed a wonderful tour, and the guides family and their family had an amazing time!

We left with our hands full, as the tour was a little more than half an hour, but it was worth it for us as it gave us a chance and experience a world-class hotel in a unique location.

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