African Fuck Tour: The New Adventures of Black Guys tour the United States and Europe

The Black Men’s Tour in the United Kingdom is taking place in two stages, starting on April 18, with a preview of what the tour will look like in person on April 25.

The tour will take place in Oxford, England, where it will take in the Old Bailey, where two convicted rapists are awaiting trial.

There will be a night at a bar and the tour’s website is now listing the locations of the bars.

There’s a Black History Museum in Birmingham and it’s listed on the tour website as “the birthplace of Black people and Black men.”

It’s not clear if the museum has been moved to a different location, but the tour is listed as opening in April 2018.

The tours in France, Italy, Spain and Greece have all been canceled, but will be rescheduled in the future.

Black History Tour in Paris, France: The tour is being held in conjunction with the Paris Center for the Arts and the Paris Conservatoire de l’Homme.

The museum is listed on tour as the birthplace of the black race.

A tour is also listed for the “first-ever” museum in London.

The first Black History tour in London: The first tour in the UK is expected to open in 2019.

The London Black History Festival, which is being organized by the British Museum, will include performances, discussions and exhibitions, as well as a “show of the day” of the museum in May 2019.

It is being billed as the first-ever British-Africa tour.