Cody Jinks Tour tour: ‘This is not a tour, this is a life’

In a speech in Melbourne on Friday, Cody Jinkins said he was not going to apologise for the incident in Perth last weekend.

“The tour is not over,” he said.

“We’re going to do it again, we’re going on the road, we will do this tour again and we’re very committed to doing that again.”

Cody Jinks tour: “This is a tour.

This is not about being disrespectful, this was about me being disrespectful”Cody jinkins and co-star Chloe Grace Moretz during a performance in Perth.

The star and the rest of the band were performing at a venue at the Coogee Olympic Park on Friday night when they were subjected to a racially-charged incident.

They were reportedly pelted with stones and bottles at a party on Friday evening.

“It was a very, very dark night, very, dark and angry,” Mr Jinkis said.”[We] were in a dark place and I was walking down the stairs.

A group of guys came up to me, threw bottles at me and one of them said, ‘You f****** idiot, you can’t be on this tour’.””

The other guy then punched me, kicked me and he said, “This was just a party’.”‘

I’m a white man, I don’t know why he did it’Cody and Chloe Grace Jinkens were reportedly asked to leave a Perth party in July after an incident on stage.

They have since apologised for the outburst.”

I’m so sorry for the situation we’ve caused the fans, I’m so very sorry,” he told the ABC.”

My words were not meant to cause offence, but I did not mean to offend anyone.

“He said he and the band had “taken responsibility” for the behaviour, adding that the “biggest thing” was “to not have an incident like this”.”

We just want to continue to do what we’re doing, we don’t want any further incidents like this,” he added.”

All of us are doing our best to not repeat this, and I think it’s just a good example of what’s expected from us.

“If there’s any thing that’s not expected of us, then it’s not good.”

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