When is the next big Tour de France?

The next big European Tour is in just over a year.

That’s why I’m looking ahead to when the next edition of the race will be in the Netherlands.

If you have a few days in the sun, you’re already in the best spot for a Tour de Suisse.

There are plenty of riders in good shape for the race.

The best are sprinters and they all have the same objective: to win the Tour de Wallonie.

I’m not saying that every rider is a contender for a top ten spot, but there are a few who are, and I’ll try to give you a few suggestions as to which one should win the race, based on their form.

If I’ve missed any rider, feel free to drop a note.

A Tour de Sausset: An easy choice for this year’s edition of this race, this season’s edition has the potential to be the biggest in history.

There will be many riders who could win this race.

There’s always room for improvement for the big guns like Kittel, Froome and Cavendish, but they’ll all be in good form this year.

There was a strong year from the sprinters in 2017.

The Tour de San Luis, a four day race, will also be a strong option, but with the race taking place in the mountains, there are less sprinters than ever before.

In fact, there were only four Tour de Franche-Comté winners this year, while last year there were seven.

However, there’s no need to look for the best sprinter of the year to take the race next year.

With this kind of field, it’s a great opportunity for a sprinter to come into the race with a strong performance.

The top three riders on this year have the potential for a big day in the saddle.

The biggest names in this race are all capable of coming from a podium finish or two.

The sprinters are very strong, and they’re a good choice for the finale.

The next sprinter who wins the race is likely to be in a very strong group.

There were two riders in the top ten on the 2017 season who finished second.

There is a lot of talent in this year: Peter Sagan is back in the peloton and is a threat, and he is an extremely fast rider.

Also, it is a long race and riders who are in the lead will always have a chance.

In the mountains there’s a big possibility for a very fast rider to win.

The final sprint stage of the Tour will be the most important of the four stages.

The stage is a three-day race, but the second part is a two-day one.

That means the final time trial will be a very important part of the calendar for a lot more sprinters.

The race will take place on the same day as the final stage, meaning there is a high chance that it will be one of the most intense in history, with many riders battling for the win.

This year’s race will also see a lot bigger crowds.

Last year’s Tour de Tuscany was a huge success and a great way to get the fans excited for the 2017 edition.

This time, the crowds are much bigger.

If the crowds were even a little bit smaller, I wouldn’t be surprised if this race will become even bigger.

The winner of this year is likely going to be a big favourite.

If there’s only one rider in the race who has a chance of winning, he or she is probably going to win, and it will probably be the winner.

This means that it’s the winner’s race.

In my opinion, a bunch sprint will be very likely this year and it’s not out of the question that we’ll see a winner.

There could be some surprise riders on the leaderboard who could surprise the race this year as well.

I could see the race getting a little better with the addition of the Giro d’Italia in 2018.

The organizers have said that the 2018 Giro will be used as a stage race for the Tour.

If this is the case, then we could see a bunch or sprint finish in the Giozmo Di Francesco and Stefano Pirazzi jerseys, which are already available.

Last season’s Giro della Logggiani was one of my favourite stages in the history of the sport, but this year there will be no one in the final group.

It could be the case that the Girella has no choice but to use this as a springboard to go to the Tour this year; it might even be the first time the Girona rider has won the Tour and there are still two other Italian riders who can be in contention.

In a few weeks, we’ll know the outcome of this Tour de Italy.

What do you think?

Are you ready for the next one?

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