The new tour: ‘Tennis for all’

New tour guide Collette’s Tennis for All Tour will be in a new venue and feature a number of local bands and artists as it opens in London this week.

Touring has always been a passion for the singer-songwriter, but with her latest album, The Big Picture, she’s taken a bold step into new territory.

Her new tour will feature a range of local artists from London, Brighton and the East Midlands to make the experience unique to its location.

This is a new, creative and ambitious tour that aims to be a platform for all of the bands who have been part of the Collette sound for a long time.

This includes the likes of The Raconteurs, Bitter and Bitter, A.B.P., The Biggest Loser and more.

With the support of London’s leading venues and artists, the tour will bring the singer to audiences from across the city and beyond.

She’ll be joined on stage by The Rascal, The Raves and The Kicks, all of whom have been a part of her music since the early days of her career.

“It is a really great feeling to be coming back to London after a year of touring the world, and the support from the amazing London bands and venues has been invaluable,” Collette said.

“We’re looking forward to bringing you the biggest live shows of your life with the support and collaboration of London venues.”

The tour will take place in a brand new venue, which is tentatively set to be called the Colsie Hall.

The venue is located in the former BFI London Centre, where the former British Library was used as a temporary venue in 2008 when it was redeveloped to become the venue for the Olympic Stadium.

It’s the same venue that will be used to host the upcoming Tour of Britain.

This will mark the second time the singer will be performing on the road, having played the same venues in 2012 and 2014.

“I’m so excited to be back in London and having such a strong community support behind me,” Collet said.

Collette will be joined by some of the most celebrated musicians in the world including Sheena Easton, Dolly Parton, James Blake, The Strokes, David Bowie and many more.

It will also be the first time that she will be appearing on stage with the band, who will be playing in a live version of their hit single ‘I Can’t Stop’ from the album.

The tour has already been a major success and with an expected sold out crowd of around 10,000 people, it’s looking to be the biggest ever show in the UK.

Tickets for the show go on sale on Monday, November 8.

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