‘Fucking hot’: Black tour guide on Halsey’s ‘Filling The Void’ tour

On Monday, Halseys tour kicked off in the city of Manchester, England, where she performed with Black Sabbath.

She has since been making stops across the UK, including London, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Her tour is the first to open in New Zealand, which has seen a spike in tourists and is home to Halseies birthplace, Auckland.

Here’s what you need to know about HalseY tour.1.

It is the most-watched US tour of all time.

In total, Hanks is playing in more than a million U.S. theaters and is playing at least 1,400 shows.

The first two nights of the tour grossed more than $1 million in ticket sales, and Halseya’s third concert grossed $1.3 million.

Hanks’ tour is on track to be the highest-grossing US tour, and the most expensive to date.

It’s also the most widely seen and sold on-demand entertainment in the U.K.2.

Halse’s songs have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Her biggest hit “Filling the Void” has been the most streamed song on Spotify, which says that it was downloaded 1.8 million times and shared 1.2 million times on social media.

The song has been replayed on countless sports, television and movie screens, as well as in the Olympics and at the Paralympics.3.

Hardshit fans have been waiting for Halse to perform since the first week of March.

HARDSHOT fans are already tuning into Halse, the most successful solo artist of all-time.

The band sold more music than any other artist in the United States in 2015, according to Nielsen Music, and is the number one U. S. touring act in 2017, according a survey by Billboard.4.

Hanes “Filled the Void Tour” is the only major tour to open with a video that has never been played before.

The video debuted on Sunday night in Los Angeles and was viewed more than 7 million times, according the company.

Hares first video was shown on the Billboard Hot 100 in March 2018.5.

Hs new album “The Last of Us” is a big hit, but the music video for “Falling” has already been shown to millions of people on the Internet.

It has been viewed more times than any video of the year so far and is now the top-grossed video in history.

The “Failing at Love” video debuted in November 2018, according Nielsen Music.6.

The tour’s star is a former Olympic champion.

Hoes new album is a tribute to Hoes “Founding Moment” in 2008 when he and her friend took a selfie and tweeted the image to their followers.

The music video, which was released on Monday, shows Halse performing “The First Night” as a young girl, with her friend standing by.

The clip has since received more than 6.2 billion views on YouTube and is also viewed on social networks.7.

“Fucking Hot” is Halse’ fourth album.

Hies first album, “Fitting in,” debuted in 2016.

Her sophomore album, called “The Birth of a Revolution,” was released in 2017.8.

Hoots is known for her bold and bold-faced selfies.

The singer has also taken some bold steps.

On Wednesday, she posted a photo on Instagram of her new home, with the caption, “I’m moving into my house in LA.”

Hoes latest tour stop is the last stop on her new tour.

Homes next stop is in Miami, Florida, which she will debut in 2018.