Boston duck tour championships 2018: Boston Duck Tours, the PGA tour championship

The PGA Tour’s duck tour championship will feature five of the top 20 teams in the world in 2018, and the Boston Duck Tour’s field will include seven of the 10 top teams from last year’s tournament.

The Boston Duck is one of the longest-running and most prestigious duck tournaments in the country, having hosted six tournaments since 2005, including two PGA Championship events in 2017 and 2018.

The event features one of its most successful fields in decades, as the 2018 PGA TOUR Championship field includes a record-breaking 10 players with at least 500 birdies, the most ever by a team in one tournament.

In addition to the top 10, the Boston Ducks will feature a record four of the team’s top five finishes from this year’s event.

The other four finishers on the podium include Dustin Johnson, Alex Meyer, Kevin Kisner and Dustin Johnson Jr. The PPG champion is the second highest scorer among Boston Duck players with 824, while the other two players with 800-plus points are Jason Day and Justin Thomas.

The PGA of America’s 2016 Boston Duck Championship field is led by Justin Thomas, who led the field in birdies (719), with four of those birdies coming at par.

Justin Thomas also recorded a birdie putt at the No. 6 hole of the tournament, with his second putt of the round ending a 3-under 63.

The second putter of the event came from his tee shot at the par-4 fourth hole.

The third hole of his playoff tee shot from the par 4 fourth hole was a birdier putt and his third putt on the par 5 par 4 sixth hole ended a 5-under 71.

Justin Thomas will be one of five players to advance to the finals of the Boston Duck Tour Championship in 2018.

He has played in all eight rounds of the field.

Justin Johnson will also be one to advance.

Johnson has notched two top-five finishes on the season and is currently tied with Michael Daly for fourth place in the PPG and tied for fifth place in birdie points at the Boston event.

Justin Smith is one to look forward to in 2018 for the Boston-based Duck Tour, as he is one player in the field with at most 700 birdies in a PGA tournament.

The 6-foot-4, 215-pound Smith also leads the field at the PCT Championship with at all four rounds of this year.

Smith will be looking to get back to the Boston championship for the first time since 2012 when he defeated Adam Scott of the United States in the finals.

Smith has not lost a tournament since 2013.

Smith also has a chance to get a win in 2018 as he leads the team with four birdies on the PTA Championship, and he leads with seven birdies at the event.

He leads the PSA Championship with a birdied putt off the par 3 17th hole.

The top five finishers in the Boston PGATour Championship field are all part of the 2018 Ducking Challenge.

The team features two players from last years event, Dustin Johnson and Justin Day, as well as a trio of rookies in the form of Josh Schmitz, Justin Thomas and Nick Lauder.

The field also features four players who are rookies.

Ryan Smith, the No.-3 seed from the 2017 event, and Ryan McEvoy, the first-rounder from last summer’s event, will be competing in the Ducking Tournament.

The 2018 Duck Challenge is a PTA-sanctioned competition where teams compete against each other in a two-day tournament.

It’s played in the last two weekends of March.