Which NFL team is your favorite to win the Super Bowl?

The Los Angeles Chargers have one of the most interesting histories of teams that have made the Super.

The Chargers were the first franchise in the NFL to have their own television broadcast, as well as their own team logo.

Now, as part of the team’s Super Bowl 50 celebration, the team has unveiled a new “Chargers Stadium” ad, which you can see above.

The “Charger Stadium” ads will be appearing during the 2017 season, which will also see the Chargers’ Super Bowl LII championship game on Jan. 6. 

The new Chargers Stadium ad features the Chargers logo, with the team name and a new logo of their stadium, which looks very similar to the one that was used for the Superdome.

The stadium will be part of a larger “Chargs Super Bowl stadium” that will also feature a retractable roof that will be used for football games.

The new stadium will feature a full-length, retractable ceiling, as opposed to the lower half of the Super Dome that was featured during the Superbowl. 

As part of its announcement, the Chargers also announced that they will be adding an official “Charging St. Mark” plaque to the stadium.

The plaque, which is located at the entrance to the venue, will feature the name of the stadium as well a plaque that reads, “The St.

Mark is a symbol of San Diego’s history, tradition, and pride.”

The Chargers have been the most visible NFL team during the Chargers Super Bowl celebrations, with their home opener at Qualcomm Stadium on Jan 2. 

This ad will also be available in theaters and on digital platforms, as it will be the first time that the Chargers Stadium logo will be featured in an ad.

The NFL will continue to host Super Bowls and Super Bowl events on the same day throughout the year.